Our Exceptional Range of Services

We meet our customers' needs by designing services and solutions that create efficiency and add profit.

Value-Added Services

  • Receiving Clerks
  • Schedulers
  • Order Selectors
  • Temporary Labor
  • Pallet Management Programs (CHEP)
  • Tracking of OS&D
  • Rebate Program
  • Third-Party Warehousing


  • Preferred work methods
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Certified equipment operators
  • Initiatives to avoid excessive workers compensation claims
  • Liability coverage

Dependable Workforce

  • All workers are employees
  • On-site management
  • Low employee turnover

Custom Reporting

  • Productivity Reports
  • Carrier On-Time Reports
  • Load Condition Reports
  • Damaged Pallet Report
  • Custom Reports When You Need Them

Value-Added Services

Custom Reporting Tool

Our custom web-based application gives us (and you) the ability to track, in real time, the activities and productivity of all our locations nationwide. Through this software, you can view and generate reports on all your data—allowing you to make critical decisions with up-to-date, customized information.

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Receiving Clerk

We provide a receiving clerk at each facility at no extra cost to our customers. The receiving clerk is the liaison between your company’s logistics and operations on the dock. The result is less hassle and more profit.

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Tracking Information

We track each facility to increase dock flow and eliminate overtime and detention costs. Years of tracking data enable us to create standard procedures that ensure a stable work force. The result is reliable productivity, efficiency and cost savings for your company.

Production-based Pay

We pay receivers by the load, not the hour. This increases productivity and turnaround times—and ultimately profit.

Standardized Pricing Structure

Because of our experience, we can price services by the case or by a flat rate per load, instead of by the pallet. This standardized pricing, plus our detailed reports, gives your company cost certainty that saves money immediately.

Safety Procedures

Safety is a priority for us, and so we standardize safety procedures and begin every morning with a safety briefing. This reduces accidents and prevents excessive workers compensation claims.

Temporary Labor

Our pool of qualified employees provides you with dependable temporary labor for daily or short-term projects. We also offer full-time janitorial staff, order selectors, runners, forklift operators, and pallet repair staff—letting you reduce your warehouse headcount and overtime.

We also allow you to hire our employees at no additional cost, saving you money and ensuring that your new hire will thrive in your work environment.

Take advantage of our value-added services